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Day 5 & 6

Wednesday our choir went to a nursing home and sang seven songs. It was a very touching moment for all of us. We could see in the people’s eyes that they really appreciated that we sang to them. Even though they could not understand us, we really made their day. After we sang at the nursing home, we went to a church service and put into practice being flexible. On Thursday we went to a nursing home in the small town where we are staying. It was a similar experience to the first nursing home. We sang joyfully, but the most important thing is we sang for God. David The students were very well received at both nursing homes.  Both times, they asked for more songs than we had planned.  The residents at the first nursing home sang several German songs for us after we finished singing for them.  Despite the language barrier, seeing tears of joy in the residents' eyes were a highlight of the trip. Keep praying - our schedule for Friday, Saturday and Sunday is very full. Mrs. H.

Day 4 - part 2

Tuesday March 27, 2012 Yesterday was a great day here in Germany. We had the opportunity to sing at a Christian school for teens between the ages 14-16. In the beginning, the teens were a bit shy. As the time went on, they began to open up and we then had a chance to play soccer or volleyball together. The guys really enjoyed this part. Getting to talk to other teens from a Christian school was encouraging. The language barrier was difficult at first but we made it through. After we left the school, we went walking around a town. It was a lot of fun hanging out with everyone.   Some of us even had the opportunity to experience traditional German food.   After the meal, we got back on the road and headed toward the church youth group. They welcomed us with open arms as we talked to the youth and shared a light meal together. We all were glad that we had the chance to get to know the youth before we sang to them. This allowed us to feel more comfortable performing and to be ourselves.  

Day 4

Tuesday, our third day of concerts, took us to a Christian school in the morning and a youth meeting in the evening. Watching the kids interact with the jovens at both locations was a blessing.  I'll let them share more details of the day in their posting, which will follow later tonight (due to timing and internet access). I do want to let you know two things: 1)  A couple of you have posted messages on this blog - which we have read to them.  If more of you would care to do that, the kids would find it a great encouragement - like letters from home to a kid at camp.  If you prefer, you can email us - you'll find our email listed on our contact page of this blog - or post it on Facebook on Susan Henderson's page.  2)  Only God, the students and I know exactly how far the GLCA Choir has come since our first rehearsal in September of last school year.  It's amazing how God has allowed them to progress - you would be proud to see them performing so professionally

Day 3

Today was an amazing day to explore both German and American culture. We had the privilege to hand out fliers in the town of St. Wendel. These fliers were invitations to go come to our concert on Friday night in that same town. We split into three groups and walked all over the town for about three hours passing out the fliers, and putting them in mailboxes. Although this was the only ministry activity we did today, it was extremely important to hand out these invitations. While doing this we were also able encourage the church in St. Wendel. Although I do not speak German, I pray that these people would be open to what God has to say through our attitudes, and our music. I know that God is bigger than languages and culture barriers, and that He can do great things through our group! Another exciting thing we were able to do today was to visit Ramstein Air Force Base. With enough military chaperones, we were able to go to the mall there, eat an American meal, and shop in their military

Day 2

Hi everyone, The day after our arrival in Kusel, Germany, our capabilities have already been put to the test. After a short night of sleep, we had breakfast and prepared ourselves for our first performance, in Kaiserslautern. Once we made the 17 km trip that separated the two towns, we set up all the instruments and props necessary at the church, warmed up and “mingled” with the German believers present. We introduced ourselves to the crowd and started our concert. The concert went without problems, and at the end of it the people applauded in general satisfaction. Pastor Michael Landoll then gave a brief devotional; after the preaching, the congregation praised the Lord (very skillfully, it must be said) and the church’s pastor ended with a prayer. After church was finished, we set the tables and enjoyed a great lunch provided by some members of the church. Finally we headed back to Kusel, where pastor Landoll gave us some orientation about the week’s upcoming activities. While I’m wr

Day 1

Travel went very well - and we arrived with the same kids we left with!  After we arrived today, we had a wonderful home-cooked meal, a short time of practice, and we're off to bed.  Tomorrow brings services at two separate churches, morning and evening, with the Choir being the main event at both. Thank you so much for your prayers - keep them coming.  We will update as we have time.

Germany 2012

Tomorrow, March 24, the Greater Lisbon Christian Academy Choir boards the plane for Germany and starts a 10-day concert & ministry tour.  During their trip, they will be singing 11 concerts, stuffing mailboxes, doing a bit of sight-seeing and shopping, and whatever else God brings their way. Please pray for safety, unity and effectiveness in their ministries on the trip.  You can follow their progress here - we hope to have the students update as often as possible. Thanks for your interest, your prayers and To God Be the Glory for the great things He has done!