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Seeing God in Everyday Life

Thoughts from Rod As is often the case, God teaches us great truths through our everyday lives – we just need to pay enough attention to notice. Recently, while I (Rod) was working around the Center, three ideas came to me – seemingly unrelated – and I’d like to share them with you now. The tree – We always picture trees as being strong, sturdy and able to  resist the forces of nature. We often think of ourselves this way, strong enough to resist the influences of the world. Although the trunk of the tree may look relatively straight, all its growth is in the direction of the wind. This tree at the Lisbon Training Center grows in the direction the wind pressure pushes it, just as we, as Christians, will inevitably drift in whatever direction the pressures of the world push us. For us to grow in the proper direction, we need to stay out of evil situations, and be where we can draw strength from the situation in which we find ourselves –  surrounding ourselves with God’s Word, Go