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Project Joy - Completed Project List

·  New roof   Repairs to rafters and trusses ·   New   sanctuary and entry-way ceiling tiles ·   New drywall ceiling in nursery area ·   Repair of cracked exterior walls   Painting of the building exterior   Purchase of commercial quality paint ·  Painting parts of the interior ·   Repair of the AC/Heater units  ·   New outside lighting ·   Repair of inside  light fixtures ·   New stove    New refrigerator ·   New laptop computer and needed software ·   Ladies’ bathroom plumbing repaired ·   Sixteen new Bibles purchased ·   Book of Bible-time Maps purchased ·   New  coffee pot  ·   Janitorial supplies purchased   ·   Landscaping rocks   Weed barrier  ·   New carpet in church nursery   New area rugs in church nursery ·   Completion of inside painting   ·   C hanging table for nursery ·   Painting of nursery ceiling   New lights in nursery ·   New tiles for kitchen walls and floors   New kitchen countertop   Two new kitchen cabinets ·   New bookcases for nu