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Meet Our "People"

  “A” …. is a 25-year-old business professional with a winning, outgoing personality and with whom Rod has developed a good friendship. “A” owns his own business and has a background in marketing. Unless God changes his path, we fully expect him to be a millionaire at a young age. He is that good at what he does, which makes him the perfect person to assist Rod in his plan to present the Gospel to one million hearers. “S” …. is a 50-something woman who Rod and Susan met through GriefShare. Susan continues to pour into her life, meeting her for lunches. While she was quite open to hearing about Christ for a time, she is now more resistant to the possibility of a relationship with Christ. Still, God continues to place this woman on Susan’s heart, and their relationship continues to deepen. “G” …. is a 21-year-old intern at South Holly. “G” has an awesome testimony of how God turned his life around in a very dramatic fashion. He not only interns with Pastor Shannon, he is Rod’s “ri