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Christmas Concert 2011

Tonight was the Annual Christmas Concert for Greater Lisbon Christian Academy, Leah's school.  The Elementary presented the musical "The Flower of the Holy Night".  It talks about the significance of the colors of poinsettia plants - red, green and gold, and also presents a clear gospel presentation.  The High School Choir and MasterSingers also performed God-honoring selections.  Cant' Arruda, the community choir Susan works with were the invited guests at the program.  We praise the Lord for yet another opportunity for the unsaved members of Cant' Arruda to hear the gospel.  Please keep praying for L, S, and A.

Minha Esperança Update

We praise the Lord for the opportunity to host members of the English Club and Cant' Arruda in our home.  Seven individuals (six unbelievers), and another missionary joined our family for convívio (food and fellowship) this past week.  Although two of the ladies left before viewing Minha Esperança, we were encouraged by their attendance.  Of the remaining five guests, four are unbelievers, and listened very attentively to the evangelistic program, Minha Esperança. Please continue to pray that these seeds planted will lead to more interest in God's gospel message .  We continually seek opportunities to share our faith in Christ through our everyday living and in our ministries. Please pray specifically for the salvation of S, L, H, M, I and A.