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Special Medical Update

God’s Clear Hand We know that God moves and guides and directs our lives every day, but it is a special blessing when we see Him clearing   obstacles from our path during   difficult times. He has been doing that for me (Rod) recently. I was born with a birth defect (it never turns cancerous) which had been asymptomatic until a few years after   arriving in Portugal. At first the changes were not much more than a curiosity to me, as it seemed to be making no difference in how I felt.  These last few years it has become problematic. After seeking medical treatment for 1.5 years in Europe and being unable to find anyone to treat it because my condition is extremely rare, my Portuguese surgeon directed me to the "world's best" provider of the treatments I need. God has opened doors and greatly expedited the application process, as well as providing various types of assistance far beyond any expectations I could have hoped for. On January 29, I began a series of tre