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To Reach One Million

"The Gospel in front of one million people" - that is the desire as expressed by Pastor Popp, our lead pastor at South Holly Church. Please remember that although South Holly has grown and has made huge strides in the last year, it is still relatively small, with an average attendance of 76.5 people per Sunday in the month of February. But rushing in where angels fear to tread, I (Rod) put together a “brainstorming session” on how to reach one million people - and not just touches - but presenting the Gospel to one million people. After collecting many ideas from the eight of us in attendance, we categorized them into one of four quadrants representing differing levels of “Value” and “Do-ability”. Taking these categorized ideas, and looking at skill-sets as well as the church calendar, we now have a preliminary sequence of Action Items that are ranked as high value and high do-ability. Here’s the ringer, a few days before the Brainstorming Session, I was chatting with