Day 2

Hi everyone,
The day after our arrival in Kusel, Germany, our capabilities have already been put to the test. After a short night of sleep, we had breakfast and prepared ourselves for our first performance, in Kaiserslautern. Once we made the 17 km trip that separated the two towns, we set up all the instruments and props necessary at the church, warmed up and “mingled” with the German believers present. We introduced ourselves to the crowd and started our concert. The concert went without problems, and at the end of it the people applauded in general satisfaction. Pastor Michael Landoll then gave a brief devotional; after the preaching, the congregation praised the Lord (very skillfully, it must be said) and the church’s pastor ended with a prayer.
After church was finished, we set the tables and enjoyed a great lunch provided by some members of the church. Finally we headed back to Kusel, where pastor Landoll gave us some orientation about the week’s upcoming activities. While I’m writing this, all of us are enjoying some free time before we have dinner and have one more concert tonight at pastor Landoll’s church. I would ask you to keep praying for us, that we could minster in people’s lives wherever we go, always on behalf of God.
P.S. I miss you a lot, Mum and Dad!

From Mrs. Henderson:

The kids are doing a great job - not just at singing, although they are doing well with that.  They are pitching in, doing whatever they're asked, and many times without needing to be asked.  All are well, and the kids seem to be having a great time.  Both of today's concerts went well, and Pastor Landoll told all the kids "You were a blessing to a Germany today!"  Thank you for letting them be a part of this trip, and Praise the Lord for His great many blessings.

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