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Seeking to Impact People for Christ

As we look over our last few months here in Portugal, we are more and more cognizant of how beautifully God orchestrates our lives to suit His purposes. It has been amazing to see His sovereignty in how He weaves things together for His glory and our good. We have been actively praying to build relationships with those around us. We would like to "introduce" you to a few people with whom we are interacting; we are praying for the time we can share Christ on a more personal level with each of the individuals below. We covet your prayers for them, and for us. As always, we  THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH   for your continued prayers on our behalf. May God continue to bless you richly for them. D. - a 32-year-old unemployed chemical engineer D. knocked on our door a few days before she moved into our building.  After a short conversation, it   became clear that she was looking for the building manager, who lives in 12D - we live in 2D.  She apologized for