To Reach One Million

"The Gospel in front of one million people" - that is the desire as expressed by Pastor Popp, our lead pastor at South Holly Church. Please remember that although South Holly has grown and has made huge strides in the last year, it is still relatively small, with an average attendance of 76.5 people per Sunday in the month of February. But rushing in where angels fear to tread, I (Rod) put together a “brainstorming session” on how to reach one million people - and not just touches - but presenting the Gospel to one million people. After collecting many ideas from the eight of us in attendance, we categorized them into one of four quadrants representing differing levels of “Value” and “Do-ability”. Taking these categorized ideas, and looking at skill-sets as well as the church calendar, we now have a preliminary sequence of Action Items that are ranked as high value and high do-ability. Here’s the ringer, a few days before the Brainstorming Session, I was chatting with

Meet Our Friend "S"

Rod and I met S through a South Holly Church member who knew she had recently lost her mother. At our first encounter with S, we knew she was struggling – a lot – in her grief, but also recognized that she did not know the only One who could truly heal her grief, and that’s Jesus. Within the first couple of weeks, I offered to meet with S for coffee – which we did. I just listened. I asked if she’d like to meet again, which she accepted, and we met for lunch. I just listened. That grew into meeting S for lunch every Tuesday, which we continue to do. I still listen WAY more than I talk. As I listened to her story, she told me she went to Catholic school all throughout her life. She didn’t “get” religion class and was so frustrating to the nuns that they told her, “You are doomed to hell”, kicked her out of religion class and told her to work in the kitchen instead. She became very adept in the kitchen tasks as she apparently spent lots of time there - instead of in religion cla

Celebrate with Us! He's Done & South Holly Blessings...

"I think we're there. Our prayers have been answered!" The words we had longed to hear from Dr. Yakes had been spoken. As of Friday, July 24, Rod's ongoing medical treatments are finished! Yet as we reflect on this journey, we have MUCH to Praise God for! God allowed us to have a significant ministry with many, many medical personnel. Rod would often be asked - "What do you have to tell me about the Bible today?" One day, a nurse liaison said to us, "We were talking about you before you came in this morning. Why are you always so patient? Why do you never get frustrated with all the schedule changes and long wait times?" Rod's answer - It's God. At one point in the course of treatments, Rod asked if he could pray with Dr. Yakes before his treatment, which he gladly accepted.  As a beloved pastor used to tell us, "You can get a lot of gospel in a prayer!" From then on, before every treatment, Dr. Yakes called all the medical person

Celebrating God's Blessings!

We want to publicly THANK GOD for all He is doing here in Centennial!  God has called a new pastor to join us at South Holly! We are thrilled to announce that Pastor Shannon Popp has joined the pastoral staff as our new Lead Pastor.  South Holly hosted our first Christmas by Candlelight , a ladies outreach event. We had 37 ladies in attendance, of which 19 were non-South Holly ladies. Many of these were unsaved. Rod had the opportunity to preach from one of his favorite Bible passages, Isaiah 43. South Holly is just finishing its first cycle of GriefShare - a Christian-based grief-recovery support group, which has been a blessing to many! Rod's main doctor told us just this week that "we are almost done" with his ongoing medical treatments. Click here to read more.......

News from Centennial

Moving Forward! Exciting things are happening here at South Holly! Our congregation is discussing whether or not to call a younger pastor to join the Farlows and the Hendersons on staff here at South Holly. An important part of a church-planter's job is to bring the church to a point where they both need and can financially support a full-time pastor. Pastor Sam and Pastor Rod plan to remain on staff, as missionaries, to assist with the  transition. We are earnestly seeking God's direction in this decision, and we covet your prayers for our church. We have had a month-long season of praying and fasting, asking God for wisdom regarding our future. God has a plan, and His plan is good. We're looking forward to what He will do in the coming months. Rod's Treatments Rod continues to have regular medical treatments for his birth defect. We recently received some very encouraging news from his main surgeon. The doctor said, "We know we're getting close,  be

Life and Ministry in Colorado

We are very excited to share our new life and ministries that God has given us in Colorado. Despite the many changes for us in the last 1.5 years, we are rejoicing at all God is doing in our church, our family and in our personal lives. Ministry Update What a blessing to enjoy the ministries God has called us to here in Colorado! He has allowed us to transition well and we have been blessed by the gracious welcome from the South Holly Baptist Church congregation. Rod is serving as Associate Pastor, focusing on Outreach and Evangelism. His health has drastically improved from 2 years ago, so this allows him to return to ministry the day after his treatments. Praise God, he is able to serve full-time (usually 6 days a week). Susan is serving primarily in the areas of mentoring women and music; she also has taken on administrative responsibilities for the church, relieving Pastor Sam Farlow, the senior pastor. She is enjoying ministering with and to the church members as God allows.

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, and Off to Denver!

We come to you this Christmas Season to wish you great joy in Jesus as you share Him with those around you. May He bless your days and your hearts as you continue to serve Him in your part of the world. We invite you to read snippets of our lives in ministry as well as our personal lives below. We rejoice in all that God is doing on our behalf. As always, we THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH for your continued prayers, your love and your support as we transition to our new Denver ministries. May God continue to bless you richly for them. To read more of our recent Prayer Letter, click here .