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Celebrate with Us! He's Done & South Holly Blessings...

"I think we're there. Our prayers have been answered!" The words we had longed to hear from Dr. Yakes had been spoken. As of Friday, July 24, Rod's ongoing medical treatments are finished! Yet as we reflect on this journey, we have MUCH to Praise God for! God allowed us to have a significant ministry with many, many medical personnel. Rod would often be asked - "What do you have to tell me about the Bible today?" One day, a nurse liaison said to us, "We were talking about you before you came in this morning. Why are you always so patient? Why do you never get frustrated with all the schedule changes and long wait times?" Rod's answer - It's God. At one point in the course of treatments, Rod asked if he could pray with Dr. Yakes before his treatment, which he gladly accepted.  As a beloved pastor used to tell us, "You can get a lot of gospel in a prayer!" From then on, before every treatment, Dr. Yakes called all the medical person