Day 4

Tuesday, our third day of concerts, took us to a Christian school in the morning and a youth meeting in the evening.

Watching the kids interact with the jovens at both locations was a blessing.  I'll let them share more details of the day in their posting, which will follow later tonight (due to timing and internet access).

I do want to let you know two things:

1)  A couple of you have posted messages on this blog - which we have read to them.  If more of you would care to do that, the kids would find it a great encouragement - like letters from home to a kid at camp.  If you prefer, you can email us - you'll find our email listed on our contact page of this blog - or post it on Facebook on Susan Henderson's page. 

2)  Only God, the students and I know exactly how far the GLCA Choir has come since our first rehearsal in September of last school year.  It's amazing how God has allowed them to progress - you would be proud to see them performing so professionally and interacting so well with the people here.  The principal of the school said to me "Your students are so outgoing and friendly - our students need to take a lesson from them and learn how to do that."

You can be well-pleased with their efforts and what God is doing through them - I am.

Please be aware, too, that the enemy is very much at work - we see it here clearly.  Please, please continue to pray for our group and specifically that Satan will be bound and not rob our joy or our effectiveness in ministry.

Because of Christ and through your children,

Mrs. Henderson

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