Day 5 & 6

Wednesday our choir went to a nursing home and sang seven songs. It was a very touching moment for all of us. We could see in the people’s eyes that they really appreciated that we sang to them. Even though they could not understand us, we really made their day. After we sang at the nursing home, we went to a church service and put into practice being flexible. On Thursday we went to a nursing home in the small town where we are staying. It was a similar experience to the first nursing home. We sang joyfully, but the most important thing is we sang for God.

The students were very well received at both nursing homes.  Both times, they asked for more songs than we had planned.  The residents at the first nursing home sang several German songs for us after we finished singing for them.  Despite the language barrier, seeing tears of joy in the residents' eyes were a highlight of the trip.
Keep praying - our schedule for Friday, Saturday and Sunday is very full.
Mrs. H.

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