Day 4 - part 2

Tuesday March 27, 2012
Yesterday was a great day here in Germany. We had the opportunity to sing at a Christian school for teens between the ages 14-16. In the beginning, the teens were a bit shy. As the time went on, they began to open up and we then had a chance to play soccer or volleyball together. The guys really enjoyed this part. Getting to talk to other teens from a Christian school was encouraging. The language barrier was difficult at first but we made it through. After we left the school, we went walking around a town. It was a lot of fun hanging out with everyone.  Some of us even had the opportunity to experience traditional German food.  After the meal, we got back on the road and headed toward the church youth group. They welcomed us with open arms as we talked to the youth and shared a light meal together. We all were glad that we had the chance to get to know the youth before we sang to them. This allowed us to feel more comfortable performing and to be ourselves.  We all had a blast and even the youth group got in to it. Throughout the trip we noticed that the Germans don’t show as much emotion as the Portuguese but during this performance we had the chance to see smiles on so many teens’ faces. This really encouraged us and showed that what we are doing is affecting the people around us.
The Sopranos - Ana, Leah, Tamara

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