Serving with Joy in the Soo

 Settled in the Soo ... 

As of February 1, we were officially settled in Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan. God granted our desire to integrate quickly with our new church family. Our goal was to love them and love them well - and love them we do!

In our short time here, God has also allowed us to:

  • learn the ministries of the church

  • serve Pastor Dave and his wife, Teresa

  • meet with the elders and their wives and hear their hearts for ministry

  • provide a “fresh set of eyes” towards the current church paradigms

  • help the church leadership develop or evaluate methods and procedures currently not in place

  • interview ministry leaders and document current methods and procedures

  • suggest and help implement a new bulletin design

  • implement a new church website (click HERE)

  • implement a new church database, mobile app, and more

  • serve on the Worship Team

  • help prepare Easter Music

  • assist (boots on the ground) as needed

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