Are You a "Seedy" Character?

Looking at a yard that was not in great shape, I wondered what would happen if we took a small bucket of grass seed and dumped it all in one spot? Eventually, how would that look? Some of the seed would sprout and look good, some would never grow. How would others view what was happening? If we took that same seed and broadcast it in a wider part of the yard, much more of the seed would be more likely to grow. It would more easily retain the moisture, support the growth of the other grass, and improve its area in the yard.

How would things change if we brought another bucket of grass seed to our surrounding yards? With the second bucket, there would be overlap so the seeds from both buckets would help each other. Are we, as Christ-followers, dumping our seed only in a concentrated area, ministering only to those in our immediate circles, or are we spreading the seed wide to ensure covering all the areas that need it? Shouldn’t we be spreading His Word in in a broader fashion in order to reach the lost? What would our “yards” look like if we helped those from other churches as they spread their seed to a broader area? It’s all One Seed - it’s One Holy God.

May God help us to become “seedy characters” - to broadcast the Seed of Christ and His Word to others by enriching and watering the soil with His Word, tending to them as they grow, teaching them through discipleship and mentorship, and watching them multiply as they broadcast their seed to others. To whom are you being “seedy” today?

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