Our Good God gives Good Gifts

God's Gifts in Sault Ste. Marie

During our time of ministry in Sault Ste. Marie, God has given us these gifts:

  • participating in and pouring into existing small groups

  • presenting a church-wide training on becoming a more welcoming church, including the restructure and enhancement of our existing greeting team

  • an enriching time in Ladies Ministries, as Susan has the privilege to lead the Ladies Group

  • the deepening of mentoring relationships

  • the completion of Phase 1 of a church survey of Calvary’s ministries

  • continuing opportunities to love and pour into our Calvary Family

  • building new and deepening existing relationships

  • four Ladies Brunches - ladies who call Calvary “home” were invited to a time of fellowship - a whopping 75% of our ladies attended one or more of the brunches

  • opportunities to freshen up, repair, and paint several areas in the church building

  • continuing in ministry as we seek to finish strong

  • impacting others for the cause of Christ

Looking ahead: We have a few more weeks at Calvary, during which we will continue to minister to the Calvary Family. Sunday, December 10, is our Farewell Service here. Rod will have the honor of bringing the message as we thank this dear family for their love and care for us during this year of ministry.

We thank you for your continuing prayers and faithful support which allow us to minister to those we have come to love deeply in Sault Ste. Marie.

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