Faithfulness Matters

 Let us tell you about a guy - we’ll call him “Peter”.

Some back story first - In March, the management of our church’s website volleyed back to Susan, who, with her eye for detail, got on the back door of the website to see what needed to be updated, if anything. God showed her that there was a problem with the “Contact Us” card, meaning that there were individuals that had filled it out, hoping and expecting to hear a response from South Holly. The link was broken, so South Holly never received those emails. None of us knew…..

The South Holly Staff reached out to those individuals, apologizing for the delay in response, as they had all requested information 2 months earlier.

Pastor Shannon sent a message to “Peter”. “Peter” attended Men’s Group the next day, and the week after that, and so on. The next month, his whole family came for Easter, and they continue to come. “Peter” actually showed up to help with set up that Easter morning - before they had ever attended a Morning Worship Service - because Rod mentioned in Men’s Group that they needed help. “Peter” is now on a serve team, because “he wants to be more involved”.

“Peter’s” wife, we’ll call her “Petra”, faithfully attends Ladies Group and volunteers in Kids Min. Although she grew up Catholic, she says she’s never really read or understood the Bible. Our Ladies Group is learning how to study the Bible and know the God of the Bible - His timing is perfect.

All of these are wonderful things, but the most wonderful is that God used South Holly and its ministries to show Himself to “Peter”, who now has a brand new personal relationship with Jesus and plans to be baptized next week!

PRAISE GOD! We never know what God will use to draw people to Himself - but He still does!

Faithfulness matters - what “little thing” do you need to keep doing to see God work?

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