News from Centennial

Moving Forward!

Exciting things are happening here at South Holly!
Our congregation is discussing whether or not to call a younger pastor to join the Farlows and the Hendersons on staff here at South Holly. An important part of a church-planter's job is to bring the church to a point where they both need and can financially support a full-time pastor. Pastor Sam and Pastor Rod plan to remain on staff, as missionaries, to assist with the  transition.
We are earnestly seeking God's direction in this decision, and we covet your
prayers for our church. We have had a month-long season of praying and fasting, asking God for wisdom regarding our future. God has a plan, and His plan is good. We're looking forward to what He will do in the coming months.

Rod's Treatments
Rod continues to have regular medical treatments for his birth defect. We recently received some very encouraging news from his main surgeon. The doctor said, "We know we're getting close,  because I'm finding it hard to find places to treat". A few treatments later, he told us, "Your MRI looks great. We're getting there much faster than I thought". We look forward to the day when we hear the news that Rod is "done" with treatments. We thank you for your prayers for us during this medical journey. While there may be follow-up reconstructive surgeries, God has allowed us to be further along in the process than we originally thought. We give God ALL the GLORY for His healing hand!

Financial Update
Due to some recent changes in our ABWE account, we are currently $1,100 a month under supported. While we have not lost any supporters as a result of our transfer to North America, several of our individual supporters have lost jobs or have reduced income, making it impossible for them to continue giving. If God leads you to partner with us financially or make a one-time gift, it would be greatly appreciated. To give, please contact us, and we will provide you the information you need to send in your donation to ABWE. Thank you so much for your prayers in this regard.

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