Life and Ministry in Colorado

We are very excited to share our new life and ministries that God has given us in Colorado. Despite the many changes for us in the last 1.5 years, we are rejoicing at all God is doing in our church, our family and in our personal lives.

Ministry Update

What a blessing to enjoy the ministries God has called us to here in Colorado! He has allowed us to transition well and we have been blessed by the gracious welcome from the South Holly Baptist Church congregation.

Rod is serving as Associate Pastor, focusing on Outreach and Evangelism. His health has drastically improved from 2 years ago, so this allows him to return to ministry the day after his treatments. Praise God, he is able to serve full-time (usually 6 days a week).

Susan is serving primarily in the areas of mentoring women and music; she also has taken on administrative responsibilities for the church, relieving Pastor Sam Farlow, the senior pastor. She is enjoying ministering with and to the church members as God allows.

Although we serve in various ways as needed, it is our desire to focus on outreach. Please Pray for us as we seek to develop more effective outreach, both personally and in our church.

Medical Update

As you may remember, God used Rod's medical condition to relocate us to Colorado where he is receiving ongoing treatments. In January, he was diagnosed with a deep vein thrombosis (blood clot) in his left leg, which resulted in a 3-month delay in his medical treatments. This turned out to be a blessing as it allowed us to get integrated into ministry and to secure permanent housing.

After clearance from the medical staff, Rod resumed treatments in April. In total, he has had 34 treatments since January 2018, with 5 more scheduled in May and June.

Early last year, we were told he would need about 100 treatments. Recently, Rod had a follow-up MRI and received very exciting news! Instead of another 66 treatments as we anticipated, they are estimating he will now need about 10-20 more! While we realize this number could change a bit as he nears the end of treatment, we are delighted at God's blessing  of greatly reducing the overall treatment time. Rejoice with us as we PRAISE THE LORD for His miracle! 

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