His hand moves His servants

As you may recall, I (Rod) am receiving treatments for a birth defect which was asymptomatic until after we arrived in Portugal. Although it grew substantially during our first term, it was not until our second term that it became problematic.

After being told in Portugal that my problem is so rare that not even 1 in 10 million have this and that no one in Europe could treat it, my Portuguese Vascular Surgeon found the world’s expert on these conditions in Denver, Colorado.

Since January, I have been receiving treatments, and they are going well. I can feel the difference as I now have breath to sing the hymns and am physically better and stronger. I feel blessed to have found this doctor since my prognosis for growing old had become very grim should I elect not to have the treatments.

After my April treatments, my doctor informed me that my treatments will last through all of 2019 and possibly longer. If I pause the treatments to return to Portugal, there is a 30% chance it will grow back.

We were heartbroken with this time frame because we feel God, with this news, is directing us to change fields. We had every intention of returning to Portugal and ministering there until we retire in 7 years. This has been heart-wrenching, as you can well imagine, yet it is not right to expect others to cover our ministries until my treatments are complete.

God has used this news to transfer us to ABWE North America, working with Sam and Darlene Farlow, ABWE missionaries, who are in a small work outside of Denver. Our sending church has supported them for many years and is familiar with Sam’s work; they are very supportive of this necessary change in fields. In requesting this transfer, Susan and I will be able to minister as I am physically able and continue my treatments at the same time. Without something to do other than treatments, I would go nuts, so I am grateful for this opportunity.

We trust that you will see God’s hand in all of this as we do. This change is not something we pursued but was dropped in our lap. I always say, “I trust God more than I trust Rod”, and with that, we are eager to see how He will shape our future ministries in Denver, Colorado. Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have regarding this change in ministry.

Anticipating the question many of you might have, yes, we will still be ABWE mssionaries – that will not change. We will just be serving in a new location.

Thank you for your prayers, your love and your support in so many ways. We could not minister without them.

Rod (and Susan) Henderson
ABWE Denver

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