Seeing God in Everyday Life

Thoughts from Rod

As is often the case, God teaches us great truths through our everyday lives – we just need to pay enough attention to notice. Recently, while I (Rod) was working around the Center, three ideas came to me – seemingly unrelated – and I’d like to share them with you now.

The tree – We always picture trees as being strong, sturdy and able to resist the forces of nature. We often think of ourselves this way, strong enough to resist the influences of the world. Although the trunk of the tree may look relatively straight, all its growth is in the direction of the wind. This tree at the Lisbon Training Center grows in the direction the wind pressure pushes it, just as we, as Christians, will inevitably drift in whatever direction the pressures of the world push us. For us to grow in the proper direction, we need to stay out of evil situations, and be where we can draw strength from the situation in which we find ourselves – surrounding ourselves with God’s Word, God’s people, and God’s teaching.

The rope ladder  – Small things can mean a lot. Recently, two of us replaced a decaying rope ladder on the playground with a wooden climbing incline. As soon as it was installed, we could see and hear the children’s delight as they started playing on it. You see, the rope ladder was too difficult for the small children to use, and it was the only way to access the slide which was intended only for small children. Previously, they had no choice but to run up the slide itself.  It may seem insignificant to us, but it was a joy for those children! At times, God allows our efforts to have tremendous or even eternal results. It’s not necessary for us to see the fruits of our labors, but it’s nice when we do!

The pebble – Recently, I found a pebble while working at the Center and started thinking about all the places the pebble could have been. This led to the following poem:

 A Pebble in my Pocket

I found a pebble in my pocket
Strange to contemplate indeed
That this very stone existed
Before the human breed

For when Adam first stepped upon the Earth
He may have trod upon this stone
Or when David slew Goliath
It may have been part of what was thrown

Or when those mighty walls of Jericho
Collapsed with a thunderous sound
This simple little rock
May have been watching from the ground

When Christ knelt in the garden
Sweating drops of blood for you and for me
This common, little pebble
May have bruised one of His knees

Or from the rubble of the tomb
Where Christ's body had been laid
Might possibly have been
When this bit of rock was made

Or as the disciples stood upon the mount
In distant Galilee
This simple, little stone
May have been laying at their feet

So to think this little pebble
That had wondrously come to me
To reside there in my pocket
Might have such a pedigree

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