Although we just recently sent out our Prayer Letter, this news can’t wait…… 


Let me tell you the story – it was incredible to see!

A few months ago, “J”, a 23-year-old woman, started attending our Ladies’ Evangelistic Bible Study in Venda do Pinheiro, a small town here in Portugal. From the first week, she had many questions, especially regarding the end times. As it turns out, her first several years were spent in an evangelical home. She has been attending our study, as well as attending church almost every Sunday.

Last Sunday, “J” heard, again, a clear gospel presentation and testimony from one of our national pastors and made this statement to my colleague, Miriam – “I want God to save me”.

When she arrived for our study on Wednesday, she entered with her head down and a very troubled expression on her face.  Our study was on Nicodemus and included the “Romans Road” salvation plan.  Miriam asked “J” if she was ready to make the decision, and she nodded. She proceeded to pray to herself, for at least 10 minutes.

During this time, “S”, the other woman who attends our study, was turning pages in her Bible, very loudly. Despite this distraction, after “J” prayed, she looked up, and was literally glowing! What a transformation – only God could have done this!

Please pray for “J” in her new walk – she will have many obstacles as she learns what it means to be a believer.

Please continue to pray for “S”, her mother-in-law, who is not yet a believer.

To witness the transformation God made in “J” that day was an indescribable joy – an experience I would wish all of you to have one day with someone in your life. May God continue to yield fruit as only He can.

Thank you for your prayers on her behalf.  Susan

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