Celebrating God's Blessings from 2014

As is our yearly tradition, we like to review how God greatly blessed our family during the past year. Although it will take all of eternity to praise Him for who is He and for His mighty works, we include a partial list here to publicly thank Him for His faithfulness and goodness to our family in 2014.

We praise and thank Him for:

Faith – Growing our faith by:
  • Giving us the desire of our heart by drawing us closer to Him
  • Guiding and directing our path
  • Providing for our physical, mental and spiritual needs in amazing and unexpected ways
  • Allowing us to minister in our home and sending churches, as well as at our church here in Portugal
  • Allowing us to minister to and mentor individuals
  • Helping us be obedient to His call to Portugal
  • Providing new ministry opportunities, especially for Susan

Family & Friends – Seeing His work in our lives by:
  • Giving us another desire of our heart by allowing us to spend precious time with our family, Stateside friends and sending church body
  • Allowing us to be Stateside not only for Joel and Melissa's wedding but for the months of planning as well
  • Showing us His love through others' outpouring of love and support
  • Giving Joel & Leah direction regarding future schooling
  • Protecting and healing our daughter, Leah
  • Providing individuals to help and care for our daughter in our absence
  • Giving grace through the very painful goodbyes
  • Allowing us to return to Michigan in December to celebrate several significant family events

Finances – watching Him provide by:
  • Experiencing others' generosity in unique and meaningful ways
  • Raising up MANY new financial partners and FULLY meeting our support needs
  • Allowing us to receive all of our needed clearances to return to the field (Financial, Medical and Administrative)
  • Providing Rod a new work computer through a generous financial gift
  • Providing the necessary insurance to pay for Leah’s unexpected medical expenses

Fulfillment – watching Him fulfill our desires by:
  • Granting us a "successful" first furlough
  • Granting us a safe return to Portugal
  • Providing a beautiful apartment in Portugal
  • Giving clear direction regarding our ministries
  • Allowing us to return to language study and improve our Portuguese
  • Allowing us to receive our residency cards - on the LAST day possible before leaving for the States in December

Praise God, from Whom all blessings flow;
Praise Him, all creatures here below;
Praise Him above, ye heavenly host;
Praise Father, Son, and Holy Ghost. Amen!

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