Biggest highlight of the day: DANIEL GOT THE SOLO!

Today we went sightseeing in the city in the morning. It was beautiful although very frigid. We were able to see Heroes Square which has different statues of the kings of Hungary. Before we headed to Heroes Square we stopped at a “hole in the wall” coffee shop. It was delicious. My Dad (Rod Henderson) said that it was way way better than Starbucks. In my opinion Portuguese coffee is still better, but the coffee we had today was pretty good. We did some other thing throughout the sightseeing but these are my personal favorites. Once we were finally done freezing while sightseeing, we headed back to the school for our final rehearsal before the two concerts on Sunday. When we first started rehearsal, Mr. Sawyer (our director) announced the solos for the piece Cornerstone, as previously stated Daniel got the solo. I loved to see the people’s faces when Daniel opened his mouth and began to sing.  It was a look of shock, awe, and pure amazement. The altos were so entranced by Daniel’s solo that they forgot to come in.  We rehearsed four hours in preparation for our concerts in the famous Basilica in Buda and the school. The Basilica which we will be performing in tomorrow is the famous, tourist-attraction Basilica. People come to Hungary to see this building, and we have to opportunity to sing in it. After dinner, we had a game night. In our game night we played Jeopardy; however, it was not a “normal” Jeopardy. The categories of the Jeopardy were “Music and Writes”, “Art and Works”, “European Cites”, “Sports”, and “Random”. One of the questions of the European Cities category was “What is the capital of Portugal?” The saddest thing was the other team got the question, but when we all saw the question we all said, “What??? You better not get this wrong!!” or “OHH come on!!!” To all of us, that would have been a free question, but the other team had to think about it. Well that was the majority of our day. Our voices are beginning to become very fatigued, but they have to make one more day. I’m sure we’ll make it.


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