Today was a very productive day. We started our morning with breakfast and worship. On our second day here, we have already made a couple of friends and met some great people. The director arranged the voices in each section separately and when we sang all together we sounded wonderful. We also had our first practice with the strings ensemble and it was glorious, like goose bumps glorious! After that, we rehearsed a little more and then we all went to the gym for a hoe down. It was very entertaining at first, but then everyone was just tired and sat down. But some brave and courageous people danced for a half hour. The night end well and we arrived at the hotel safely. Although it has been snowing and freezing like crazy, we are very thankful for this opportunity.


A note from Mrs. Henderson:  The kids are doing GREAT!  I am so very proud of the work they are doing and their friendliness towards others.  Daniel tried out for the male solo today, and he did a STELLAR job!  The kids cheered after he was finished with his audition - the only one they cheered for!  We'll find out tomorrow if he gets the solo.

A note from Mr. Henderson:  It is really, really cold here - a high of -4 C.

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