New Roof - Part II

We are now at the half-way point of our church's roof project.  Through our sending church, God has provided the funds to replace the roof at our church here in Arruda dos Vinhos.  We have uploaded more pictures of the project to the left in the slideshow "New Roof 2012".

Last Sunday, we had to remove all the furnishings from the upper level in our church, SO the roofers can begin on that section this coming week.  In moving the furnishings from the nursery, POISONOUS MUSHROOMS were found behind the bookcase which holds the nursery toys.  This shows that the carpet was wet long enough and often enough that the carpet actually grew mushrooms!  Amazing, and quite scary! We are very, very thankful that none of our children were harmed.  We Praise the Lord for His protection.

Rod continues to work at the Center daily, and then visits our church to take pictures and get an update on the roofing project.  It is a joy to see the much-needed and much-prayed-for project happening right in front of our eyes.


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