Summary of an amazing trip to Portugal

I recently got back from a mission trip to Lisbon, Portugal. I went with four adults and two teenagers for ten days. Our main goal in going was to be an encouragement to our missionaries there, the Hendersons.

This trip was an adventure for me from the time we lifted off the ground in Detroit on Wednesday to the time we landed in Detroit on Saturday. I experienced many things for the first time on the trip. We saw God work through the big things as well as the little things our whole time there. Some of you knew that I was very much looking forward to taking pictures while there. The first day we were in Portugal my camera lens threatened to be uncooperative. At first I was very concerned, but in a way it was good for me. It helped me keep my focus where it needed to be. Obviously, I was able to get the camera lens to work to get the pictures. Praise the Lord.

I can’t describe the blessing it was to be able to stay with the Hendersons. Leah (their daughter) and I have been close friends over the years and it was so special to be able to catch up with her. They have always been very dear to my heart and I was glad to have the opportunity to see how becoming missionaries has changed them. I know I was encouraged by them and they said they were encouraged and blessed by us during our stay as well.

In Portugal we had difficulty communicating because of the language barrier, but here at home we are left without excuse. My prayer is that the Lord will draw my attention to any opportunity He gives me to tell others about Him and His goodness. I have had opportunity to do this already since my return.

The biggest thing that I will take away from this trip has to do with how I saw the Lord working in the lives of the Hendersons. While there, we got a glimpse of what it was like for them as missionaries. We saw how it was a struggle each day and also how the Lord blessed them for persevering. They were a good example to us. It is by no means easy for them, but they sincerely believe that Portugal is where God has called them to serve. It was truly inspiring to be able to watch them tenaciously pour their lives into it.  After seeing this, I will pray for them and their ministry with a new fervor, for sure. What better thing is there for a person to do than to answer the call of God and serve Him with thankfulness for what He has done for us? I can’t think of anything better to do with my life than to follow His plan for me. I pray that whatever He asks of me, I will be faithful to obey.

I eagerly anticipate the Lord revealing His plan of what He wants me to do with my life. He could send me to some far off place or He could choose to use me close to home, but wherever He leads, I’ll go. I count it a privilege to serve Him in any way I can. Simply put, there really is nothing more fulfilling in life than to love God and love people.

Elisabeth Pierpont

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