Team 2 part 3

Hi, this is Todd.

                This week was busy. I did a lot of cleaning, playing with kids, praying, and getting to know people.
I’ll tell you a little about today. Today after breakfast we went to a small church that congregated in a bookstore.  Pastor Coon preached a sermon through a translator. After the sermon I played a version of baseball with a little kid, who seemed to enjoy it.  After that we had lunch at the Henderson’s house. After a meeting we went to another church (the Henderson’s Church) where Pastor Coon preached again. After the sermon we hung out with some friends and came back here to the Henderson’s place where I am writing this sad excuse for a blog.
In comes Chad for proof reading… It was Mikayla’s suggestion to have Chad do the proof reading since she is impressed by his use of the English language.  We had a good evening of fellowship with the Henderson’s and currently waiting for Pastor and Rod to return with dinner (pizza).  Oh, they just walked in and so it is now time to end this blog.  See you in Michigan on Tuesday!

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