Team 2 part 1

Hey this is Alex; I just wanted to let you know that we made it here all safe. It was my first plane ride and it was awesome! However, jetlag is not too much fun. Yesterday we arrived at around 8:30 a.m. and on our way into customs we saw team 1 through a Plexiglas window, and that was very exciting. We defiantly received some very weird looks from the people walking by us as we raced towards the window to press our faces up against it to converse with the other team.  Then we met the Handersons at the airport, they took us into the Center where the camp will be held so we could get settled in. Next, we had to clean up the Center by mopping and sweeping the bathrooms, carry mattresses to the second floor, and bring in the food to the kitchen. We then had lunch and all of us were very tired and wanted to sleep, but the Hendersons made us stay up because of the jetlag. To help, they took us to town to shop and later to the mall for dinner. Finally, we had made it back to the Center and could get some rest.
                Today, I got woke up at 5:00 a.m *cough* Todd *cough* because the jetlag seemed to have effected some people in a very unfortunate (for the most of us) way. After completely waking up, I went up stairs for breakfast and then left for church. Here, we listened to Pastor Coon give a message and went to Sunday School. All of us had to give our testimony and we met a boy named Rafael who was the only kid in the youth group there. We then had lunch and went to the next church. Pastor Coon preached again, and then they had a snack time. Here I had a chance to talk with a girl named Sarah who spoke English. She told us about how team one had left an impact on her; some were very funny (what else do you expect from John and Erich?) and some were very inspiring (what else do you expect from Lissy?). Mrs. Henderson told us that the people at the school and people walking down the road stated how nice the Americans were while painting the church wall. Additionally, she said that it was a good witness to the community and everyone was very appreciative of their work. Now I have just finished dinner at the Henderson’s house, which was very good, and I’m getting ready to go back to the Center for some more much needed sleep.
                Thanks for all the prayers,
  Alex Black

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